October 4, 2011


M. Sukru Hanioglu, Ataturk: An Intellectual Biography (Princeton & Oxford: Princeton U. Press, 2011) ("If popular expectations were any guide, two paths to global leadership lay wide open to Mustafa Kemal in 1922: he could either capitalize on Ottoman possession of the caliphate in order to seize the mantle of pan-Islamic leadership, or he could set himself up as an into-imperialist model for Asian and African socialists. But it was at this juncture that Mustafa Kemal's Turkist, scientistic, and pro-Western leanings became manifest, leading him and the Turkish nation down an uncharted path that combined intense nationalism with an extreme commitment to Western secularism." Id. at 131. "This study has shown that while Mustafa Kemal Ataturk played a momentous role in the transition from the Ottoman order to modern Turkey, his work cannot be considered that of a sagelike dispenser of wisdom who came to the scene with novel ideas and an original program." Id. at 226. A short, yet interesting read.).