August 7, 2011


Daniel J. Solove, Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy and Security (New Haven & London: Yale U. Press, 2011) ("I propose to demonstrate how privacy interests can be better understood and how security interests can be more meaningfully evaluated. I aim to refute the recurrent arguments that skew the privacy-security debate toward the security side. I endeavor to show how the law frequently fixes on the wrong questions, such as whether privacy should be protected rather than how it should be protected. Privacy often can be protected without undue cost to security. In instances when adequate compromises can't be achieved, the tradeoff can be made in a manner that is fair to both sides. We can reach a better balance between privacy and security. We must. There is too much at stake to fail. Id. at 3. This is a nontechnical read for the general reader. Important food for thought.).