November 2, 2009


Foer, Jonathan Safran, Eating Animals (Boston: Little, Brown, 2009) (“I, too, assumed that my book about eating animals would become a straightforward case for vegetarianism. It didn’t. A straightforward case for vegetarianism is worth writing, but it’s not what I’ve written here.” Id. at 13. “As I came to see, war is precisely the right word to describe our relationship to fish—it captures the technologies and the techniques brought to bear against them, and the spirit of domination. As my experience with the world of animal agriculture deepened, I saw that the radical transformations of fishing has undergone in the past fifty years are representative of something much larger. We have waged war, or rather let a war be waged, against all the animals we eat. This war is new and has a name: factory farming.” Id. at 33. “The power brokers of factory farming know that their business model depends on consumers not being able to see (or hear about) what they do.” Id. at 87. IT MAY OR MAY NOT BE IMMORAL TO EAT ANIMALS. HOWEVER, IT IS CERTAINLY IMMORAL TO IGNORE, AND NOT KNOW, THE SOURCES OF YOUR FOOD AND THE PROCESSES OF BRINGING SAID FOOD TO YOUR PLATE.).