October 13, 2009


Feigenson, Neal & Christina Speisel, Law on Display: The Digital Transformation of Legal Persuasion and Judgment (New York: NYU Press, 2009) (“As we contemplate the arc of the book, we cannot help but ask whether digital pictures and multimedia are in general good or bad for law. There is no simple answer. Since it’s clear, though, that digital pictures are here to stay, the question becomes how the law can best accommodate them, along with words spoken and written. Unless the legal system makes the effort to embrace and understand the new media, it’s going to encounter even more trouble as lawyers routinely deploy their digital tools. If, on the contrary, the law takes up the challenge to be alert, wise, and full of inquiry about the uses of new media, judgment and justice many be enhanced. This book is a first effort to suggest what should be done—not because we have all the answers but because , we hope, we have some of the right question.” Id. at xii. This is a very worthwhile read.).