September 23, 2009


Nussbaum, Martha C., Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership (The Tanner Lectures on Human Values) (Cambridge London: Belknap/Harvard U. Press, 2006) (Four comments: (1) This is an interesting and provocative read. Yet, (2) I am unconvinced by ‘capabilities-approach’ arguments. (3), though I am presently not a dog owner, I know that were my dog to have a serious disability, including simply getting too old, I would not hesitate to put my dog down. And, (4) it is my hope that I have enough sense and the ability to put myself down should I ever find myself in a similar situation. Sometimes the proper way to frame the choice is not as between life with or without dignity, but as between a life of dependency and death with dignity. When the time comes, PLEASE LET ME GO.).